Songs to get you through life - Samia Nadeem

Samia recommended these songs to get through the quarantine but my lazy ass kept procrastinating to upload them. But here it is, the holy grail, Samia's top ten songs just hit different during quarantine(with some reasons to back them up as well) Enjoy!

  1. Don’t Talk, Just Listen - savethefuckingearth

This song is super chill and has an ethereal feel to it. It’s especially perfect for those times when I just wanna vibe in my room late at night and not think about anything. Savethefuckingearth’s vocals are especially pretty on this track.

     2.Lucky - Rocket Santana

Lucky has a creative and fun sound to it that makes me want to get up and do something productive for once (which is pretty rare for me during quarantine!). The smoothness of the song is also easily addicting.

     3. ferris wheel - lilwaterbed

A perfect song for when I’m missing being able to see my friends! Lilwaterbed has a song for just about every emotion you can feel. Ferris wheel has a super nostalgic feel, always succeeding in provoking memories of what life was like before the quarantine.

     4. no love - nappy 01’

I love listening to this one when I’m feeling rather angsty while isolating. No love is a magical song showcasing nappy 01’’s magical voice; and it’s a terrific song for feeling lonely. 

     5.Lil Dork - yuh yuh

Another strangely nostalgic song that I would 100% blast on a late-night quarantine drive. The mix of different sounds within this song is beautiful and the slowed-down section will surely bring tears to your eyes. Truly a classic song. 

     6. funeral - vroom vroom!

Vroom vroom! Is simultaneously upbeat and relaxing at the same time. This song always puts me in a better mood and the lyrics pretty much feel a confidence boost. Funeral’s songs are all different from one another- which makes him so special. 

     7. KREW$ - ZiP (tues. mix)

this remix of krew$ must be played at full volume at all costs! The beat is really what makes this song perfect, it’s marvelously smooth and solid. This song is best for when I wanna get up and dance or when I’m doing something productive like writing or drawing. 

      8.STARSTRUCK - belis 

Belis has the voice of an angel, and that’s surely proven on STARSTRUCK. All of Belis’s songs go hard, and STARSTRUCK is a song that shows exactly why she’s essential for my quarantine playlist. 

     9. she belong to the streets - nappy 01’

Another nappy 01’ bop! This song is another that really highlights how remarkable nappy 01’s voice is. She belong to the streets is a very fun song that’s wonderful from start to finish.

     10. run shannon run - BBY GOYARD

Run shannon run is one of those songs that is so strange to me that it’s good. The lyrics to this song are very interesting and it’s overall an enjoyable and entertaining song to listen to during quarantine! BBYGOYARD is one of the best artists for when I’m just looking for something different. 

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